Monday, October 22, 2012

Boerderlands 2

Borderlands 2 builds upon the gameplay elements introduced in its predecessor Borderlands. It is a first-person shooter that includes character-building elements found in role-playing games, leading Gearbox to call the game a "role-playing shooter." At the start of the game, players select one of four new characters, each with a unique special skill and with proficiencies with certain weapons.[2] From then on, players take on quests assigned through non-player characters or bounty boards, each typically rewarding the player with experience points, money, and sometimes a reward item. Players earn experience by killing foes and completing in-game challenges (such as getting a certain number of kills using a specific type of weapon). As they gain levels from experience growth, players can then allocate skill points into a skill tree that features three distinct specializations of the base character.[3] As with the first game, Borderlands 2 features a procedural-generated loot system, whereby weapons and other equipment dropped by foes, found in chests, or offered as quest items have numerous statistics that are generated randomly, affecting factors such as weapon damage, accuracy, magazine size, and added effects like elemental damage. Randy Pitchford, noting that the procedural system in the first game generated 17.75 million possible guns, claimed that the variation in Borderlands 2 is much larger.[4] Returning gameplay features from the first game will include the 3-branch skill trees, class-mods, and four-player online cooperative modes. New features include a more expansive and customizable weapons system, reworked four-seat drift-able vehicles and vehicle physics elements, and dynamic mission systems. For example, taking too much time to save a friend in a mission may result in their death and the failure of the mission, which will affect the story as the player progresses. Technically, the game world will be all connected, rather than loadable levels for each region, allowing accurate viewing of the entire world from a given point rather than the first game's premade "Skybox."[2][3] In addition, the artificial intelligence (AI) system has been reworked for the game. Non-enemies will populate the game world more often and will travel around different locations depending on the time. According to Gearbox VP Steve Gibson, enemy AI will encourage teamwork, such as flanking, as well as taking cover when wounded, though lower level enemies like Psychos will still embrace the mentality of, "Wow that's a gun! I want my face in front of it!".[3] Shooting enemies will stun or cripple them depending on where they are shot, such as shooting a Hyperion robot's arms will cause the arms to fall off, impairing its damage-dealing capabilities. For a change, enemies will be intelligent enough to climb and traverse difficult terrain to pursue the player. Enemies will also be able to interact with each other. For example, certain enemies can heal their teammates, boost their shields for defense, or use them as shields to protect themselves.[2][3]

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FIFA 2013 crack skidrow

FIFA 13 (also known as FIFA Soccer 13 in North America) is the twentieth edition of Electronic Arts' highly-acclaimed association football FIFA video game series. It is developed by EA Canada studios and was published, worldwide, by Electronic Arts, under the EA Sports label. It was released in Europe on 28 September 2012, in Australia HI on 27 September, as well as in North America on 25 September,[1] and 21 September for EA Sports Season Ticket subscribers.[2] The game was released for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, and iOS platforms. A demo of the game was released on 11 September 2012, The demo teams include: Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Juventus, A.C. Milan and Arsenal.[3] The demo was downloaded a record 1.99 million times within three days.[4][5][6] FIFA 13 included new features to the FIFA franchise such as the First Touch Control.[7][4][8][9] New celebrations were also added as a new feature.[10]

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Photoshop CS6 crack

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Microsoft Office 2013

This isn't your old-school software installation, kids. The beauty of Office 2013's software-as-a-service model is that you get automatic updates and all that jazz you've come to expect from the other web-based services in your life. So it's fitting, then, that the installation begins not with a software download, but by selecting your preview version and then signing in with your Microsoft / Windows Live ID. Wait a few minutes for the setup to unfold, and then download Office to your various devices. (Take note: Office 2013 will run on Windows 7 and the Win8 Release Preview; it's not compatible with Vista, and it won't work with earlier builds of Windows 8, such as the Consumer Preview.) Armed with a speedy WiFi connection, we were up and running in five minutes and, again, the experience was smooth and crash-free. This might be a good time to clarify the minimum hardware requirements. So long as you have 3.5GB of free disk space and an X86 or X64 system clocked at 1GHz or higher, you should be good to go. DirectX10 graphics are required, along with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 576. Microsoft also recommends 1GB of RAM for 32-bit systems, and 2GB for 64-bit machines.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

dab neeg



Carrier Command is a real-time action/strategy game, where the overarching objective is to conquer and control islands. It features a vast 33-island archipelago on the moon Taurus. The player's fundamental unit is the Carrier, from which they may deploy and dock up to four aerial units and four amphibious units. Other defensive and offensive systems are present, such as drones which protect the Carrier when under attack. Battles take place in the air, on land, and in the sea. The player can control to any deployed vehicle at any time. Traveling between islands is real-time and seamless. Islands are composed of 6 distinct climatic zones, including Wastelands, Arctic, Marshlands, Volcanic, Mountains and Temperate. The game features real-time weather changes and day/night cycles. Islands may be used, once controlled, in one of three ways: defense; mining; or production.The story takes place on the planetoid of Taurus, a pivotal battleground in the war between two factions: the United Earth Coalition, and the Asian Pacific Alliance, the latter having gained control of Earth in an apocalyptic conflict.

Hearts of Iron III allows the player to take control of almost any nation that existed or even plausibly could have existed during the period of 1936–1948, guiding it through World War II.[6] A variety of decisions regarding the armed forces, production, research, diplomacy, politics and espionage is the focus of the game. The game centers around three factions: the Axis (led by Germany), the Allies (led by Great Britain), and the Comintern (led by the Soviet Union). All other nations can slowly align with one of the factions. Nations are more likely to side with those with similar ideology. Resources found in the game include: energy, metal, rare materials, and oil. The first three are required for industrial production, while oil is converted to fuel for vehicles, planes and ships. The scope of military organization ranges from brigades to entire theaters of operation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MassEffect 3 Full

Mass Effect 3 is an action role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.[10] Officially announced on December 11, 2010,[11][12] the game was released March 6, 2012[13] and marks the final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy of video games, completing the story of Commander Shepard.[14][15] A Wii U version was announced during Nintendo's conference at E3 2012.[16] The Wii U port is being developed by an Australian company called Straight Right,[1] and will be released as a Wii U launch game[8] in all regions under the title Mass Effect 3: Special Edition. Combat system in Mass Effect 3 has been changed and refined. In particular, the cover system has been improved. There are more options for moving around the battlefield and scoring instant melee kills. More conventional grenades are available and an improved artificial intelligence is introduced. A four player multiplayer co-op mode is also available.[17] Gameplay in Mass Effect 3 is influenced by decisions made in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, for players who have completed those games.,

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